Oli Smith, owner of Smith, a Slaithwaite-based strategic and creative brand agency, has completed a two-year one-to-one leadership programme with one of the most iconic names in advertising.

Kevin Roberts, who was CEO of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from 1997 to 2014, has worked with Mr Smith to help grow the agency.

The Peak Performance Programme is a proven methodology for getting to the top and staying there. It covers purpose, personal purpose, inspirational leadership, team engagement, mental toughness, creativity and more.

Mr Roberts, who works with some of the highest profile brands including Sky, Netflix and Ferrero Rocher, now runs Red Rose Consultancy, a consultancy focused on leadership, coaching, marketing and creative thinking.

Since working with the former Saatchi boss, Smith has seen a significant increase in business performance, including doubling the team, a profit increase of 257% and a turnover increase of 138%.

The agency, set up in 2014, now employs 10 people and has a network of up to 30 specialist partners to collaborate on projects.

Mr Smith said: “Working with Kevin has been transformational. I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected to work with Kevin on a one-to-one basis.

“Initially it was a one-year engagement but this soon turned into a longer commitment as we were both enjoying it. The business has seen an incredible change.

“What I’ve learned with Kevin has set me up for my career. I feel it’s made a wider impact too, within the culture of the business, our clients and my personal life.

“As we’re approaching our 10th year in business and £1 million in turnover, we feel like we’ve got the mindset and tools to get us there.”

Mr Roberts added: “Teaching the Peak Performance Programme to Oli has been both deeply satisfying and fun.

“We’ve come a long way in the two years we’ve been working together, and I’ve seen a huge change in Oli’s attitude.

“The results speak for themselves, and I’m sure Oli will continue to build on the framework I’ve set out.

“Oli’s down-to-earth attitude and creativity has already led to us working on a collaboration with a financial institution in London.”