Families are getting ready to tuck into Christmas dinner but if you want to make sure the festivities are special for your dog too then a Slaithwaite natural dog food retailer has a few timely suggestions.

Dragonfly Products has unveiled its top picks for a Doggy Christmas Dinner, as well as some top tips for keeping pups safe over the festive season. 


Fish and seafood are a popular choice for a Christmas Day starter, with the 1960s classic prawn cocktail still one of the most common first courses. If you are planning a fish-based option as part of your festive menu, prawns are the perfect addition to a dog’s meal, as they contain high levels of protein and benefit from skin and joint health. 

For a more substantial starter, dogs can be treated to a Gourmet Scottish Salmon meal, which not only includes the Omega 3 rich freshly prepared fish but a blend of fruit and vegetables. 

If you are planning a cheese-based starter, such as baked brie, it is best to avoid sharing too much with your dog, as dairy can be hard for some dogs to digest and is high in salt and fat. 

Main course 

Turkey is a staple of the Christmas Day dinner, taking centre stage during the main course. However, if you plan to carve into a boned bird, it is important to keep it out of reach of pups, as sharp meat bones can cause severe internal damage. If you can’t resist giving them a morsel, ensure the meat you give them is free of bones and the skin has been removed. 

Dragonfly Product’s has a range of turkey-based meals perfect for getting your pup involved with the festivities. The Forthglade Turkey With Cranberry And Parsnip complete meal is packed full of succulent birds and is completely free from grain. For raw feeders, the Durham Animal Feeds Goose, Turkey With Fruit & Veg Complete Mince features all Christmas dinner sides, including carrots, peas, apples and cranberry.


Pigs in blankets are another dinner staple, but proceed with caution if you are planning to sneak one to your pup – Bacon, in particular, is exceptionally high in fat, so if you don’t want your dog to miss out on the tasty accompaniment, Dragonfly Product’s Pigs in Blankets are a great alternative that will last way beyond the King’s Speech. 

Vegetables, and particularly sprouts, are often the items that many people will try to pass to pups to avoid having to eat them- the good news is that most vegetables that make it to a Christmas dinner plate are completely safe for dogs to eat. However, if you plan to palm off your sprouts under the table, make sure that there is no stuffing on the food you are sharing. Most types of stuffing contain onion, which is toxic to dogs. 


Unfortunately, desserts are the course that dog owners need to take the most caution over, as many traditional puddings can be harmful to pups. Mince pies, Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings are all packed with raisins and currants, which can cause kidney failure in dogs, as do walnuts – so any puddings that feature them should be avoided. 

Chocolate is also a dangerous food for dogs, so make sure the festive yule log is kept at paw’s length. If you think your dog has digested chocolate or any other potentially toxic food, Dragonfly Products recommends taking your pet to your local emergency veterinarian as soon as possible.  

If you want to give your dog a sweet treat to complete the festive meal, Dragonfly Product’s Christmas Bakes are a festive hand-cut, hand-baked shapes and are free from grain, gluten and eggs. 

Laura Lambert, owner of Dragonfly Products, said: “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and for many of us, the whole day revolves around food, which is why we wanted to make sure the fluffy members of the family can still get involved.

“However tempting it may be to sneak treats to your pets under the dining table, unfortunately, many parts of a traditional Christmas meal can leave pups with upset tummies or could leave them feeling ill.

“We hope this guide helps dog owners choose the right food options for their pup and help them create a safe environment over the festive season.”

Find the full Dragonfly Product’s Christmas range here: https://www.dragonflyproducts.co.uk/christmas-gifts-for-dogs