Honley-based precision engineering component supplier Accu has developed and launched a new range of coffee beans designed specifically for engineers, to mark International Coffee Day (Sunday October 1).

Accu surveyed over 200 UK-based engineers from a range of backgrounds and fields to uncover their coffee drinking habits and preferences – and then used the results to design and launch ‘Grounds for Innovation’ – a new range of coffee beans perfectly suited to their taste.

Alastair Morris, UK managing director at Accu, said: “First things first, engineers are clearly people who need their caffeine fix.

“Over 60% of the engineers we surveyed told us they ‘completely’ or ‘quite heavily’ rely on coffee to get them through the day, so we knew we had to mark International Coffee Day by creating the coffee beans they need to get the job done.”

Accu’s survey results also offer some interesting insight into how engineers perceive the impact of coffee on their level of productivity.

Alastair said: “74% of the engineers we asked said they would be either ‘very unproductive’ or ‘quite productive but not at their best’ without coffee – propping up the conventional narrative that coffee is an indispensable boost to productivity, especially for engineers.

“Just over a quarter of respondents feel equally productive without coffee, raising the question of how productive an engineering workplace could be with coffee made especially for engineers!”

When it comes to the quality of their coffee, Accu’s survey revealed some interesting insight into what engineers will and won’t drink.

Alastair added: “If there is one takeaway from this project we find fascinating, it’s the distinct preferences among engineers for different types of coffee, which perhaps offers an insight into their work values.

“A huge 50% majority prefer using fresh beans, emphasising a commitment to quality and craftsmanship; attributes that are highly revered in engineering. This suggests that for many engineers, making coffee is not just about the result, but also about the integrity of the process.

“Alternatively, those choosing pod machines (14%) or pre-ground coffee (25%) may be optimising for a balance between quality and efficiency – indicating a pragmatic approach to coffee-making, akin to engineering projects where deadlines and deliverables are paramount.

“The minority of 11% opting for instant coffee reflects a purely functional approach. In this case, speed trumps other considerations, much like certain engineering scenarios that require quick, albeit not optimal, solutions.”

Accu says its findings on the coffee roast levels preferred by engineers add another dimension to understanding engineers’ preferences and, by extension, their professional inclinations.

Alastair (above) said: “A majority 71% of engineers prefer medium to medium/dark roasts, suggesting a balanced approach that resonates with engineering principles focused on equilibrium.

“Dark roasts, preferred by 15%, could be indicative of a desire for depth and intensity – traits often needed for solving complex engineering problems.

“The 14% who favour light roasts could be interpreted as valuing nuance and complexity, possibly reflecting their focus on specialised engineering tasks requiring attention to detail.”

Alastair added: “Grounds for Innovation is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the intricate relationship engineers have with their coffee, focusing on the qualities they value most – precision, balance, and depth – delivered through a flavour profile that features hints of cocoa, praline, red berries and spices.”

Grounds for Innovation is available to purchase via the Accu website.