By Leah Dorotiak, (Лія Доротяк), social media manager at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

Ukrainian communities from across the North of England braved Storm Malik to come together for a peaceful demonstration in support of the global #StandWithUkraine movement.

At 1pm on Saturday, over 150 people gathered at Leeds Town Hall, the steps becoming a windy sea of blue and yellow Ukrainian flags and supportive faces.

Of course, it was not just those of Ukrainian descent. Leeds Lithuanian Community also attended to show their support, as did those from other communities, as people realised that together we are stronger in our message.

The rally began with an introductory welcome by Olga Callaghan, from Leeds Ukrainian Club.

Ivan Kuzio, from Huddersfield’s Ukrainian Club, followed next, with a speech calling on other communities to come together, as one day it could be them.

Finally, Petro Rewko from the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain addressed the crowd.

Press interest in the event was unprecedented. The Ukrainian news broadcaster Рада also featured an interview with Olga Callaghan, as they showcased support for the Ukrainian nation from across the globe.

Our event concluded with the singing of the national anthem.

The following day, Ukrainians gathered in Kyiv to join a #ThanksFriends demonstration, to show gratitude to Ukraine’s allies.

We would like to thank all those who attended, or simply shared our social media posts. Raising awareness is crucial, but it is important to remember that this doesn’t end here.

Keeping an eye on current news affairs and social media in the upcoming week will make the world of difference!