A silent children’s walk is to take place in Huddersfield town centre to show solidarity with innocent victims in Gaza.

Huddersfield Freedom for Palestine Action Group will host the Children’s Silent Walk For Gaza outside the old Huddersfield Library in Princess Alexandra Walk on Saturday December 23 at 12.30pm.

A representative of the group, Nadia Sethi, said the event would be a “powerful display of unity and empathy” and added: “This peaceful demonstration aims to raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis and express support for those affected.”

Every day since December 14 children have walked, run or jogged 1,000 steps in silence. Parents have been encouraged to help children to write a letter or poem for children in Gaza.

Nadia added: “The final 1,000 steps will be completed by all the children collectively through Huddersfield town centre in the Silent Children’s Walk.

“The silent walk by children is a poignant tribute to the lives lost and the hardships endured by the people of Palestine especially women and children.”

Nadia stressed the importance of collective action and added: “This Silent Walk is a testament to our shared humanity. By joining together in silence, we aim to amplify the voices of those who cannot be heard and foster a sense of compassion and understanding.”

The circular walk finishes back outside the old library.

At the last full council meeting, Kirklees Council leader Clr Cathy Scott (above) called for a ceasefire, the release of all hostages and negotiations to find a two-state solution in Gaza.

Clr Scott said: “This is an issue which has touched thousands of families across Kirklees and the UK and it’s a conflict we witness in horror.

“In October, as leader, I wrote to the Prime Minister about what we were seeing happening to innocent civilians. What they are living under is unimaginable.

“I asked the Prime Minister to take every step he could and every opportunity to be an advocate for civilians and end the horror we are seeing every day.”

She added: “I want to reiterate the total condemnation for all forms of racism including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. These have no place in modern society and no place in Kirklees.

“We have seen too much pain in our communities in Kirklees and as this conflict continues to unfold it will increase if we don’t use our voices.

“We have seen too many people seeking to exploit this pain for political gain. This is not the time for games, this is not time for hatred and it’s not a time for division. I want our communities to know we do feel your pain and we do stand with you.”