Youngsters at two Huddersfield schools made a heart-warming video aimed at tackling bullying.

Children from Meltham Moor Primary School and Netherton Infant and Nursery School joined two other schools, Bolton Brow Primary Academy and Scout Road Academy, within the Together Learning Trust to make a stand against bullying.

The children were asked what superpowers they would like to help ‘make a noise’ about bullying. One boy said he’d teleport away to tell the teacher and a girl said she’d like to mind read to find out how someone was feeling inside.

During Anti-Bullying Week, these little superheroes stood tall against bullying by sharing their secrets and coping strategies.

The schools shared a special film about bullying and held assemblies to discuss the issue. School councils also reviewed their child-friendly anti-bullying policies.

Through playful activities and heart-to-heart discussions, they made a resounding declaration that bullying simply doesn’t belong in their schools or communities.

Liz Woodfield, head teacher at Meltham Moor and senior director of primary education for the Together Learning Trust, said the entire school community was impressed and proud of what was achieved.

“It was fabulous to get some of our primary-aged children together to work on this joint project and we are looking forward to sharing their important message with the rest of our trust community.

“Bullying is not tolerated in any of our schools and it was a brilliant opportunity for the children to ‘make a noise’ about this.”