Why I Love Huddersfield, sponsored by Wild PR, is a monthly feature where we ask a well-known Huddersfield personality what the town means to them. Here we chat to Huddersfield-born mum-of-three, journalist and ITN news presenter NINA HOSSAIN.

1. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I’m addicted to playing the board game Ticket to Ride (all versions).

2. What does Huddersfield mean to you?

Home, family, hugs. Being banned from Huddersfield during the pandemic was surreal and awful in equal measure. I will never take for granted being able to visit the town again. My children will tell you I always get weepy as we drive through Flockton, just out of relief we are allowed back. 

3. How would you describe Huddersfield to a stranger?

A small industrial town encircled by some stunning countryside, perfectly positioned between two exciting cities for adventures further afield. 

4. We’ll take you out for a meal in Huddersfield. Where would you like to go and why?

Laxmi. A firm family favourite from the moment it opened to present day. My children and their cousins love it as much as I do. I’ve been around the world and haven’t tasted a better Paneer Tikka anywhere.

5. The Huddersfield Blueprint is going to change the face of the town centre over the next five to 10 years. What one thing would you like to see in the town centre?

Confidence. It has lost it’s heart and purpose. We should be asking today’s 10-year-olds and teenagers what they want out of a town centre and follow their lead. The pandemic has confirmed people need people and humans love meeting up. The town needs to create exciting, affordable, adaptable spaces to do enable that.

6. What venue, nightclub or attraction from Huddersfield’s past would you like to see return?

KU Club for the music. Sunsets for the glamour!

7. We all love Jodie Whittaker, of course, but who’s your favourite Doctor Who?

Team Jodie always, fond memories of my first, Tom Baker, thought Peter Capaldi was superb, but I’m super excited about Ncuti Gatwa – loved him in Sex Education. 

8. How did you spend your time in lockdown and has the Covid-19 pandemic changed you?

Working, it was the busiest, loneliest two years of my career. Commuting into a deserted London, working with a tiny team but not in the same room, and the news never stopped. 

The pandemic has changed my attitude and approach to life. It showed me I thrive if I can work hard and play hard. When the latter was taken away I really struggled. Now I’m back to being able to travel and go to gigs I’m more chilled about the little problems in life like a late train, a stolen bike or long working week.

9. We’re packing you off to a desert island for a month. What one item would you take with you and why? 

A credit card so I can keep extending the trip. 

Quick questions:

1. Dixon’s Milk Ices or Marstons Chicken Shop? Dixon’s is always the answer. Also I don’t eat meat. 

2. Greenhead Park or Beaumont Park? Greenhead for the train – but that’s a toughie. Great memories from both.

3. Castle Hill or Emley Moor TV mast? Castle Hill though my Southerner husband would disagree. 

4. Strictly Come Dancing or I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? Neither. I only watch drama and comedies.