Grit bins won’t be refilled this winter as Kirklees Council seeks to make more savings.

The council has 1,450 grit bins to help residents who live off main gritting routes.

However, the council has revealed that once bins are empty they won’t be refilled, a move that will save £160,000 a year.

The council must cut £47 million from its budget by February as it fights to stave off bankruptcy.

Almondbury Liberal Democrat councillors Paola Davies and Alison Munro say the grit bins should be refilled to help residents keep roads and pavements safe.

Clr Monroe said: “Safety on our local roads and pavements is paramount. I have recently been contacted by a resident in Almondbury ward, on behalf of residents in his street, who access their homes via some public steep stone steps which are treacherous in freezing conditions.

“Potentially placing the burden on residents to personally pay for extra grit to keep public walkways and local highways safe in freezing weather, when we are in the middle of an economic crisis with people still having to decide whether to heat or eat, is unacceptable.

“Let’s hope the weather is mild going forward, otherwise I have deep concerns.”

Clr Davies added: “We are only at the start of the winter season and some grit bins are already empty following last week’s cold spell.

“Almondbury is quite hilly and all the grit bins are in strategic locations due to steep roads, so I worry that the elderly, young families, people who work and people who are sick may be left stranded in their own homes once the grit runs out.”

Clr Moses Crook, the council’s Cabinet member for housing and highways, said: “As part of the requirement to make budget savings, the council has decided that the 1,450 grit bins on the district’s roads will only be filled once each year at the start of the winter season, saving at least £160,000 per year. All grit bins have now been filled for 2023-24.

“These bins will not now be refilled unless there are very exceptional weather conditions to justify this decision and additional funding provided to cover the cost.

“This decision would be based on a prolonged period over several days of heavy snow.”