Tis the season to get Delirious and wear a pink elephant on your head!

On Friday December 1, The Sportsman in St John’s Road, Huddersfield, will celebrate its eighth annual Delirium Day when the pub pays homage to Delirium Belgian beers.

The beer’s brand features a pink elephant and strange headwear is the norm at the Pink Elephant Party.

This year, Delirium’s export manager Patrick van Leijsen is coming from Belgium to host an exclusive beer tasting session.

Tickets for that event sold out within two minutes, however Patrick will be joining the party for those who want to raise a glass or two with him.

Patrick isn’t the only revered ‘beer celebrity’ at the event, for Sportsman landlord John Fletcher has been bestowed with a great honour.

In August, John (above) was invited to visit Huyghe brewery, the brewers of the Delirium beers. Here he was ordained an Honourable Knight of The Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant in recognition of The Sportsman’s promotion and exceptional conditioning of Delirium products. This has not gone to his head in the slightest…

A range of Delirium beer will be on sale including Delirium Christmas, a chestnut coloured ale with flavours of caramel malt, fruit and spices. It’s a hefty 10% ABV, so not for the faint hearted.

John said: “Delirium Day is our way of kicking off the festive season. We launch Delirium Christmas and go crazy for pink pachyderms (Google it!)

“On Delirium Day the atmosphere in the pub is fantastic with all our customers getting into the festive spirit, drinking Belgian beers and sporting the distinctive Pink Elephant hats. It’s one of the best days of the year!”