An innovative and moving show about the unlikely subjects of friendship, pies and the climate crisis is coming to the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Following a highly successful tour in 2023, creative collaborators Natalie Bellingham and Daniele Pennati are hitting the road for a second time.

Important subjects are addressed using comedy and physical theatre to create an accessible and compelling show that has left audiences spellbound.

Nat and Dani are the best of friends and also theatre makers. They were working on a show about the climate crisis when they were both hit by sudden and devastating tragedies, just as the world was going into lockdown.

Despite living 908 miles apart in different countries, they found a way to keep going.

The Polar Bear (Is Dead) is a moving and relatable exploration of love, loss and being alone and how we can find comfort in the Spice Girls and the ordinary things in life like a trip to Prestatyn. Essentially, it’s about hope.

The staging of the show involves Natalie performing live in the UK interacting with Daniele in Italy over Zoom.

Originally, the format was a compromise to be able to make the show during Covid restrictions, but when an early version was presented at Wakefield Festival of the Earth in 2021, audiences really enjoyed the creative interplay between the live and online performers separated by a situation that was extremely relatable.

Natalie said: “The climate crisis is overwhelming and individual efforts can feel hopeless. By sharing personal experiences to convey the crisis in human terms, we aim to make a real connection with the audience, so they feel their actions can make a difference and are empowered to do something about it.

“We also wanted to share our own personal experiences of loss and the value of friendship and finding joy in everyday things to overcome it.”

The Polar Bear (Is Dead) comes to the Lawrence Batley Theatre on Wednesday March 6 (7.45pm). To book go to