The Kirkwood, the Huddersfield-based hospice which cares for over 1,500 patients every year, launched its brand-new business movement this week – and they’ve already secured the support of 12 local businesses.

This week, the Kirkwood launched a new Business Movement, which they hope will bring people who share their passion for the local community together to help those in need.

The Kirkwood provides support for anyone affected by a life-limiting illness in Kirklees, offering a wide range of services designed to support patients, carers and family members at every stage of illness.

Their goal is to improve the quality of life for local people and support those in their care to make the most of every single day, and the team behind the newly formed Business Movement hope it will help them to reach out to more people in need.

Jess Lees, business development manager with The Kirkwood, said: “We are delighted to be launching The Kirkwood Business Movement. Our aim is to create a movement for good, bringing like-minded businesses together.

“The Kirkwood was founded by a group of local people who believed that everyone deserved the very best care and support as they approached the end of their life. They were passionate local people who cared about their community and wanted to make things better for them.

“Today, more than ever, we need to reach out to businesses and let them know we are here for them, whenever and wherever they need us.

“We want to share the message that The Kirkwood are here to support their employees and their families, their customers and clients – whenever and wherever we are needed.”

Such is the interest in The Kirkwood Business Movement, the charity has already secured the backing of 12 local businesses – who were all eager to sign up before the scheme officially launched.

As part of the launch, The Kirkwood are proud to announce the founding members as: Acomm PR & Communications, Empire House, Kixx, Pearson Funeral Services, Beanie Media, Sam Teale Productions, Taylors of Mirfield, Oragyms, Redbak, ABL, Ridley & Hall Solicitors and Paxman Scalp Cooling.

The Kirkwood Supports Life

The Kirkwood’s Jess Lees is passionate about the positive impact local businesses can have in their communities and is thrilled to be working with them as they launch the Business Movement.

“We are absolutely delighted that so many great local businesses have already come on board and pledged to support our new venture.

“No one knows and loves our local area more than those who live and work locally, and we believe that when we work together, we can achieve so much more. Our founder members are passionate about the difference we can make and are committed to helping us reach as many people as possible.”

As part of The Kirkwood’s commitment to business who sign up, the charity will provide a bespoke induction for a nominated champion within each business to help them support colleagues affected by any life limiting illness.

Businesses will also be asked to sign up to a number of pledges within The Support Life Charter, which outlines their commitment and shows their employees, their stakeholders and their community they are there for them, no matter what they are going through and whatever else is happening in the world.

On what new members can expect, Jess said: “When local businesses sign up to The Kirkwood Business Movement, we’ll stand side by side with them, supporting employers, their workforce and their local community in any way we can.

“Our aim is to give businesses all the tools they need to support their employees and help them to understand more about our life changing work so that, if they ever need us, they will know how to reach out for help.”

The Kirkwood Business Movement will also offer members benefits such as networking events, opportunities to reach new audiences and resources to use as part of their marketing.

Michael Crowther, chief executive with The Kirkwood, hopes the Business Movement will help to raise vital awareness about how The Kirkwood support life.

Michael said: “Right now, over 3,000 people in Kirklees are living with an illness from which they won’t recover and are approaching the end of their life. Despite this, many people don’t reach out to The Kirkwood for support. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t aware of all the ways we might help or because they think we only care for people at the very end of life.

“We are determined to change that, and one of the ways we are aiming to do it is by connecting with local businesses and their workforces so that, in the future, all those affected in some way by a life-limiting illness feel able to reach out to us, and reach out early enough for us to make a positive impact on their quality of life.

“I’m thrilled to welcome the first members of The Kirkwood Business Movement. I am sure we’ll do great things together.”

If you’re interested in becoming part of The Kirkwood Business Movement, contact Jess Lees at: or call: 01484 557 911. You can find out more at: