New research has revealed the value of Huddersfield’s Syngenta plant to the local economy.

The manufacturing powerhouse generates £140 million for the Kirklees economy and also supports 1,000 skilled jobs, according to the research.

A new economic impact report from KADA Research, the UK and international economic development consultancy, reveals that Syngenta Huddersfield generates a staggering £140 million Gross Value Added (GVA) for the Kirklees economy.

GVA measures the value generated in the production of goods and services using factors such as spend, supply and production costs.

Syngenta, based in Leeds Road, has a history in Huddersfield which goes back 100 years.

Amongst the most striking points in the report is the sustained employment growth witnessed over the past five years at the Huddersfield site.

Despite a regional decline in employment in the manufacturing sector, the data shows a 14% increase in employment in the last five years, affirming the company’s commitment to not only maintaining – but expanding – its workforce.

Employment at Syngenta’s Huddersfield site is shown to contribute substantially to the size of Kirklees’ manufacturing sector, which is over twice as important locally (16.5%) compared to the sector nationally (7.4%).

This growth positions Syngenta as a crucial player in addressing local employment needs, and vital upskilling through their award-winning higher-grade apprenticeships.

A significant 75% of all Syngenta employees are residents of Kirklees and 56% live within five miles of the site, further reinforcing the company’s integration within the local community.

The Syngenta Huddersfield site currently hosts a total of 860 jobs, encompassing roles within the company, those in affiliated businesses, and contract workers from partner companies who support the site’s operations.

The economic impact report shows the multiplier effect generated by Syngenta extends well beyond its immediate workforce.

Salary levels were found to be 53% higher than those of Kirklees as a whole and local spending by Syngenta employees stimulates economic activity, supporting businesses and creating jobs throughout the Kirklees region.

The ripple effect of local spending generated by Syngenta creates an additional 145 jobs, culminating in a total of over 1,000 jobs supported by the Syngenta site operations.

The symbiotic relationship Syngenta has, not only with the economic ecosystem of Huddersfield and its surroundings, but the heart of its community is clearly demonstrated.

The firm has taken an increasingly active role in supporting local community causes, providing donations and sponsorships to schools, charities and cultural and community events, continuing to make financial donations and sponsorships to more than 40 local good causes in 2023.

Pete Waddington, Syngenta Huddersfield site manager, said: “We are immensely proud of the findings presented in the KADA economic impact report.

“The findings reflect Syngenta’s deep-rooted commitment to the local community, not only as a major employer but as a catalyst for economic growth and sustainability.

“There are opportunities for us to grow our operations as an economic force in the area, as the company seeks to bring its innovation pipeline to fruition and invest in new technology to support our future needs.

“The KADA Research report is a good benchmark of where we are today and we look forward to seizing further opportunities for investment and playing our part in local job creation in the next few years, supporting the success of the town and wider region.”

Charles Maltby, programme director at Huddersfield Unlimited, the business-led organisation that stands for the town, said: “We are very pleased to read the findings of this independently conducted report which are testament to Syngenta Huddersfield’s enduring contribution to the economic fabric of Kirklees.

“They demonstrate the significant role Syngenta’s Leeds Road site plays in sustaining and nurturing economic prosperity in the region.”