Being in business is not for the faint-hearted and you have to love what you do.

Around one in five new businesses fail in their first year and 60% don’t make it past year three.

Huddersfield-based ISO consultants, Synergos Consultancy Ltd, are celebrating seven years in business this month – and that’s no mean feat, particularly in a global pandemic where nothing is the same.

Synergos, which is derived from the Greek word for ‘working together,’ is a specialist consultancy company.

Set up in 2014, they assist businesses to achieve various means of compliance, including; ISO Certifications, Health & Safety Management, SSIP Accreditations, AEO Status, GDPR Compliance and more.

Jenny Kilburn, who founded the company in 2014, said: “You have to love what you are doing.

“There will be good and bad times when running a business and if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you may struggle to achieve your goals, especially when times are not great.

“I also really believe in taking time out of your business to work on it – and not always working in it.

“This is so important for steady growth. I make sure I take some time out of my day to work on it.”

From starting out with one business consultant, Synergos now employs two, as well as a business manager, administrative assistant and a compliance support co-ordinator.

Synergos offers services to all public and private sectors across the nation and have increased their client base over the last seven years to almost 200.

In February 2019 they won Eaton Smith’s Business of the month and were nominated for Small Business of the Year and Business Woman of the Year at The Yorkshire Choice Awards.

Synergos has established firm foundations and Jenny believes collaboration is vital to future success.

“The Synergos team believe that building a great relationship with our clients is key to ensuring we win and retain business,” she said.

“As a result, in 15 years, we see ourselves expanding our team of consultants and office support and adding to our portfolio of services so that when clients work with us we can provide a ‘one-stop-shop service.’”