Move over, Harold Wilson! Felix the Huddersfield Railway Station cat is coming through.

Felix the cat has overtaken Lord Wilson as Huddersfield’s most famous son (or daughter as Felix is a female feline) and she is to be honoured with a statue in St George’s Square.

Felix has created a tourism boom in her own right and visitors flock to Huddersfield Station in the hope of catching a fleeting glimpse of the station’s Chief Pest Controller.

With plans in the pipeline to modernise Huddersfield Railway Station as part of the TransPennine Rail Upgrade, a 20ft statue of the floofy one has been commissioned. It will stand alongside the statue of Lord Wilson, dwarfing the Huddersfield-born former Prime Minister.

Accomplished French sculptor Avril Asinus has been commissioned to produce the solid metal likeness of the station’s favourite employee.

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Because of metal supply issues and the spiralling costs involved, the authorities are looking at removing the bus shelters around St George’s Square and melting them down to make the new statue.

Once the restoration of the George Hotel is complete, it is believed Kirklees Council is looking to create a museum dedicated to Felix and the statue could be relocated to the hotel roof facing across John William Street towards that other famous Huddersfield big cat, the fibreglass lion on the Lion Chambers building.

It’s not the first time Felix has been immortalised in art. Huddersfield artist Rob Martin has painted Felix dressed as Charlotte Bronte and also wearing a Huddersfield Town shirt.

Felix was drawing a crowd at the station as the news broke yesterday and Spanish tourist and self-confessed ‘mad cat lady’ Abril Tonta said: “Tener una estatua es un gran honor para Félix. Me encanta la pelusa.”

Roughly translated that means: “To have a statue is such a great honour for Felix. I love the floof.”

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With two best-selling books and 140,000 fans on Facebook, Felix is more famous than Castle Hill and has captured the hearts of all cat-loving humans everywhere.

A planning application will be submitted on April 31.