A Honley-based social media company has proved the perfect partner for Yorkshire biscuit brand Grandma Wild’s.

Social Progress and Keighley-based Grandma Wild’s made it a wrap when it came to presenting tasty treats online.

Social media account manager Abbie Keogh said: “Grandma Wild’s is a great brand to add to our portfolio. Their values are well aligned with ours in that they are genuine and true to themselves. We are delighted they have put their trust in us.”

Since launching Grandma Wild’s social media accounts, Social Progress has seen followers from as far afield as Spain and Japan liking and sharing their posts.

The fourth generation of biscuiteers has proved it can move with the times. When the company recently redeveloped and relaunched their website, they sought the support and advice of social media experts to help set up and manage their social media accounts.

Abbie said: “Traditionally, Grandma Wild’s had predominately focused on the wholesale market, but as a company they were looking to target the domestic retail industry. We listened carefully to what they asked for and identified their target audience.

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“We are providing relevant, timely and topical posts that their customers love to engage with. We love tapping into trends, such as National Biscuit Day and International Tea Day. Who doesn’t love a cup of tea with their biscuit?

“Like Grandma Wild’s packaging, we do what it says on the tin. We don’t give any false promises. We listen to what our clients are telling us and identify what they need from their social media support. We then use our expertise in this field to help them achieve their goals.”

Ann of Grandma Wild’s said: “Traditionally, we have been very much wholesale focused, but as we looked to target the domestic retail market, we knew we needed social media expertise to help us to achieve this.

“Since the start of our contract with Social Progress, we have seen a significant increase in online engagement and hits to our website. In turn, this has brought a steady increase in requests for Grandma Wild’s goods and gifts delivered direct to people’s doors.”