Simply Wigs, a Slaithwaite-based business which is regarded as the UK’s leading retailer of wigs, hairpieces and wig accessories, hosted a Charity Wig Bank Day in association with Alopecia UK.

September was Alopecia Awareness Month and this event was aimed at raising awareness, gathering support and raising funds for the UK’s largest alopecia charity.

The charity event on September 14 saw more than 110 wigs being purchased from the Wig Bank and £1,431 raised for Alopecia UK.

Everyone who attended also had the opportunity to leave with a Simply Wigs goody bag filled with sweets, wig care supplies and even a discount code, among various other treats.

The Wig Bank is a scheme set up by Simply Wigs where wig wearers can obtain a wig for a minimal price of £5, making wigs more accessible for necessity-wearers.

The proceeds are funnelled into charitable causes, and for every wig that is donated to the Wig Bank, Simply Wigs also donates £5 on their behalf. In this case, the funds were raised for Alopecia UK, which focuses its efforts on awareness, support and research about alopecia.

Filled with a feeling of community, support and pride, the event was a great success and Emma Garrard, the co-founder of Simply Wigs, said: “It was an absolute privilege to be able to host the event.

“The day was a fabulous success, not only because of the money raised but because it was such a joy to be part of.

“We talked, laughed, supported and ultimately helped our guests find their perfect wig. It was a wonderful day for Simply Wigs and our hair loss community.”

If you or anyone you know would like help or guidance with purchasing a wig or would like to use the wig bank services, you can arrange an appointment at the Simply Wigs shop.