A short film celebrating a popular Huddersfield town centre café is being released to the public on Facebook.

‘The Caledonian’, a seven-minute film created from footage shot inside The Caledonian café in 2017, has proved an unlikely hit for award-winning film-maker Bruce Gill, who is from Netherton.

The footage recorded everyday life in what Mr Gill describes as the “last of the greasy spoons.”

The café was a Huddersfield institution and was opened in Westgate by Andreas Stylianou in 1969. It was taken over by his son Tony Stylianou who worked there almost every day for almost 50 years.

The café finally closed its doors in 2018 when Tony and wife Clare moved to Cyprus.

The film, shown in slow motion with Tony and Clare talking about their lives, has already made waves on the international film festival circuit, being selected and celebrated in numerous countries around the world.

In 2021, it earned the title ‘Best Documentary Short’ at the Vasteras Film Festival in Sweden.

Mr Gill, who runs Ey Up Films with Matt French, said: “The reason we’ve chosen to release ‘The Caledonian’ now is deeply rooted in its historical significance.

“This short film serves as an invaluable time capsule, capturing the essence of The Caledonian cafe and its owners. It is the sole archive footage of this cherished establishment and its proprietors.

“By sharing this film with the public, we aim to pay tribute to The Caledonian’s enduring legacy and ensure its story lives on for generations to come.”

The film will have its world premiere on Facebook on August Bank Holiday Monday. It’s free to watch and can be found HERE or by searching for The Caledonian Film on Facebook.