Huddersfield Town Hall will be floodlit purple this weekend in an act of solidarity with the global anti-racism movement.

Kirklees Council is to light up its town halls on both Saturday and Sunday evenings to mark two significant days in the anti-racism calendar.

Saturday March 20 is UN Anti-Racism Day and Sunday March 21 is the United Nations Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The same buildings were lit purple last June to show support for those who peacefully took to the streets across the world in bid for equality following the tragic death of George Floyd.

Council leader Shabir Pandor said: “Racism has no place in Kirklees or in any modern day society and that’s why we are supporting this weekend’s anti-racism message.

“Eradicating racism and wider inequalities from society is not something we can do alone, we must work together to achieve these aims.

“Nevertheless, we want to do what we can to shine a light on the weekend’s important anti-racism message.

“The death of George Floyd last year reinvigorated societies around the world to stand up and address social injustices and here in Kirklees we were no different, we wanted change.

“When we lit up our buildings last June I said that we must follow this up with long term action, and I’m proud to say we are doing just that.

“Our new council plan is focused around building a fairer and more equal Kirklees by working with residents and partners to address inequalities.

“We want Kirklees to be a place where a person’s skin colour, religion, culture or background doesn’t create barriers to them living a healthy life that is rich with opportunity.

“I encourage everyone to please join me in virtually supporting this weekend’s messages of anti-racism. Our biggest strength in Kirklees is our diversity and we should be extremely proud of this.”