A senior councillor who had ambitions to become Huddersfield’s next MP has quit the Labour Party in protest at the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer.

Clr Mus Khan, who was on a shortlist of four to replace outgoing MP Barry Sheerman, has resigned citing “deep concerns” over the party’s direction under Sir Keir.

Clr Khan, who represents Dalton, has become the fifth Kirklees Labour councillor to quit the party this year.

The local elections saw Labour lose its overall majority, throwing its ability to run the council into serious doubt.

In her statement, Clr Khan expressed her disappointment with the lack of accountability for the party’s stance on international issues, notably what she described as the “genocide in Gaza”, which she believes contradicts the “moral and ethical standards expected of a potential Prime Minister.”

Clr Khan also highlighted the “insufficient response to domestic issues” such as the NHS and the crisis in public services which “remain unaddressed” by current party leadership.



Clr Khan announced her resignation just days after controversial Tory MP Natalie Elphicke switched to the Labour benches in the House of Commons.

Clr Khan said Labour’s acceptance of Ms Elphicke led her to “question the moral compass of the party’s leadership.”

She added: “Given these circumstances, I find it untenable to continue supporting a Labour campaign for the upcoming General Election.

“As an independent representative for Dalton ward, I will better serve my constituents and address local issues without the constraints of party politics.”

Clr Khan, who previously served as Cabinet member for health and social care under former council leader Shabir Pandor, also called for a thorough review of the Labour Party’s values and direction.

She urged the Kirklees Labour Group to “prioritise principles over party loyalty, especially as our party’s values have diminished.”


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In January Clr Ammar Anwar (Dewsbury West) quit Labour over the party’s stance on Gaza and was followed in February by Crosland Moor & Netherton councillors Jo Lawson and Imran Safdar and also Ebrahim Dockrat (Batley East).

When she resigned Clr Lawson also took a swipe at the Kirklees Labour Group, describing it as a “toxic swamp.”

At the local elections Labour lost four seats including those of former leader Shabir Pandor (Batley West) and two current Cabinet members Mussarat Pervaiz (Dewsbury West) and Jackie Ramsay (Dewsbury South). All were beaten by Independents.

Immediately after the election results, Clr Scott was asked if she could continue as leader. She replied: “I am hoping so but democracy prevails and it’s about the group decision. Let’s see.”

The Labour group will meet on Monday to elect a new leader and a deputy. Current deputy leader Clr Paul Davies is stepping down to concentrate on his campaign to become the next MP for the Colne Valley.


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