Gladiators Boxing Academy in Huddersfield has another young hopeful taking centre stage and Sandrino Mirga, 18, can go all the way, according to club chairman Dennis Doyle.

Mirga started boxing at the age of 13 and followed one of his friends to Gladiators. Now he’s a lean and hungry fighter brimming with potential.

Doyle said: “Sandrino is a good fighter who is starting to shape up to being one to look out for. He’s a hard working lad with a good attitude.

“He’s only 18, though, so the next few years will be crucial. We’ll see if his head is in the right place over the next few years. If it is, he’ll go a long way in this sport. I’m very confident of that.” 

Born in Birmingham, Sandrino is of Polish descent and moved to Thornton Lodge as a young boy. Doyle added: “Sandrino was a quick learner and since joining the academy has totally dedicated himself to the sport. He’s never missed a session and gives every session 110%.

“What we like about Sandrino is that he has the skills to be a top fighter but he has the right attitude too.”

Den Doyle coach, Sandrino Mirga Boxer and Nadrahh Hafeez coach

Mirga’s first fight was in March 2017. He went on to win five out of six fights that year, only losing to now unbeaten professional Abdul Khan (cousin of the legendary Amir Khan) on a points decision. 

Since then Mirga has become three-time Yorkshire champion and also fought in the Global MTK Lonsdale Cup where he picked up a silver medal. So far this year he has won the Global Lord Lonsdale belt and is the current holder. 

Back in February Mirga beat an England No1 ranked boxer on a very close split decision on the Yorkshire v Isle of Man show staged in Doncaster.

He was asked to go to the England camp a short time after at the Sheffield Institute of Sport to spar with an opponent who was entering the European Championships.

On Saturday May 28 Mirga won the senior elite belt on a unanimous decision giving his opponent a standing count in the process. 

Doyle added: “Sandrino has been picked to represent Yorkshire at one of the world’s biggest box cups, the Haringey. That in itself is huge. It’s brilliant he’s been asked to help other boxers who are preparing for fights at a high level. It’s all very good experience for him and he needs to take it in. 

“For someone at his age to currently have a record of 37 bouts and 27 wins is just so, so impressive. We are all very excited to see how he’ll progress over the next year.”