Renowned criminal psychologist, writer, radio host and podcaster Linda Sage is bringing her true crime tour to Huddersfield this September.

Linda spent 40 years working in England’s top category prisons with the UK’s most violent criminals, including the Krays, Myra Hindley and Peter Sutcliffe.

She has conducted extensive interviews and assessments of offenders in an attempt to uncover what motivates their behaviour and her insights have aided law enforcement and legal teams.

She has also provided expert analysis and testimony in complex criminal investigations and trials.

Linda is now speaking at various venues across Yorkshire, sharing some of the professional insights and psychiatric evaluations that made up her daily workload.

She is also regularly asked to sense-check gritty TV dramas, having been so close to perpetrators, and spends time campaigning against domestic abuse and stalking.

Recalling some of the most well-known criminals, she said: “When I met the Kray twins they were fairly older men.

“The first thing I noticed were their manners – they would pull a chair out for you when you arrived, for example.

“Myra Hindley was incredibly manipulative; she would try to dominate the conversation and if there was something she didn’t want to talk about, she would just change the subject.”

Linda’s events not only captivate and shock audiences but leave them with a deeper understanding of the workings of criminal minds.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to my visit to the John Smith’s Stadium. I’ll share many professional insights and talk to audiences about what life in Category A prisons is really like.”

Everyone is welcome at the event but it is only suitable for children aged 15 plus.

True Crime Tales is at the John Smith’s Stadium on Thursday September 26 (7pm-9.30pm). Tickets can be booked HERE.


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