Gledholt Mews and Coach House, a residential care home for individuals with mental health needs, has been rated ‘Good’ overall by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with an ‘Outstanding’ rating in the ‘Well-Led’ category.

The service on Greenhead Road, Huddersfield, run by Cygnet Health Care, offers rehabilitation services for adults with mental health needs or a personality disorder who have been able to leave hospital and need support to regain their independence.

Following their first inspection of the service in June 2021, the latest report by the CQC found that the service was good across all key lines of enquiry for being safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

The report singles out the senior team as “exceptional and distinctive” and praises the culture at Gledholt Mews.

Service manager Enrique Jose Chacoris said he was delighted by the rating and added: “I just want to say a big thank you to all the team at Gledholt Mews and Coach House for the wonderful energy they bring to the service.

“We have achieved an unprecedented outstanding in the well-led domain, after being open just six months.

“I hope with the continuing support we have nurtured with our team, our community collaborative care planning and inclusion ‘we can break the mould’ and take this service to uncharted territory.

“This is primarily in how we approach working with mental health, by simply seeing and understanding the person behind the diagnosis. Humanity, kindness and love are words little used clinically in services.

“We think it’s time for a change, our service has a mantra based on those words with honesty and acceptance being its foundation, and this applies to all of us.

“We all see the world differently that doesn’t necessarily make us ill, it makes us unique.”

Residents have enjoyed a Halloween ball, a cooking master class with a Michelin trained chef and live music sessions as the national Covid restrictions have eased.

Residents have enjoyed a cooking masterclass

Gledholt Mews and Coach House has been designed in partnership with Kirklees CCG with the aim of helping individuals along their path towards independent living.

The report said: “The culture within the home was a strength of the service. People and staff shared the same goals and values. The management team and staff worked together with other professionals to deliver outstanding care and support which people were at the centre of.”

It added: “The whole staff team promoted a culture of compassionate care, responsibility and involvement. People we spoke with felt there was a togetherness within the home that empowered them.”

The service focuses on helping residents understand their perception of events and how it effects their coping strategies and actions, further concentrating on community-based activities, using public transport, education and vocational therapy, job placements, work experience and hobbies and interests.

The inspectors noted that residents were empowered to learn skills, such as cookery, to gain confidence.