Paddington bear is on his travels again but this time the distance is a little less than Deepest Darkest Peru to London.

Huddersfield’s Paddington bear was made by Caroline Leathwood at gift shop Nest in Meltham for the village scarecrow festival in May.

Paddington – resplendent in his blue dufflecoat and trademark red hat – proved really popular during the festival on Coronation weekend but since then the little bear has made his home in the cellar.

This coming weekend it’s Lindley Scarecrow Festival and one of Caroline’s customers, Becky Scargill, who runs Gift in Lindley, asked if she might borrow Paddington.

So Caroline packed Paddington some marmalade sandwiches into his suitcase and waved him off on a bus to Lindley.

Becky said: “Paddington bear is known for being an intrepid explorer and travelled all the way from Deepest, Darkest Peru to London in a lifeboat, surviving only on marmalade sandwiches.

“I’m happy to report that Paddington made it safely all the way from Meltham to Lindley and he’s now stood proudly in our window ready for this weekend’s Scarecrow Festival.

“Please give him a wave when you go past!”

Lindley Scarecrow Festival runs from Friday to Sunday.