Residents in Newsome are opposing plans to build new homes on two greenfield sites.

Green party councillors say Kirklees Council will soon be consulting on its plans to build 32 houses on land adjacent to Jackroyd Lane in Newsome and a further 40 houses at nearby Blue Bell Hill.

Newsome Green Party councillors Sue Lee-Richards, Karen Allison and Andrew Cooper are backing local residents against the Labour-led council’s plans.

Clr Lee-Richards said: “Both the land at Jackroyd Lane and at Blue Bell Hill are valued by the local community.

“The Jackroyd Lane site is part of a green corridor that goes all the way up to Castle Hill and land at Blue Bell Hill and provides recreational space for people in the middle of a built-up area between Newsome and Taylor Hill.

“The importance of access to nearby green spaces for good mental health has become really clear to so many of us through the Covid lockdown.

“Kirklees needs to protect green land, not build on it. There are plenty of brownfield sites we should develop on if we really care about our local environments.

The Jackroyd Lane plans
Plans for Blue Bell Hill

Clr Allison said: “The access to both sites is very poor with narrow roads through built-up residential areas towards the fields the council wants to build on. It would mean lots more traffic on what are currently quiet estates. It will also be a nightmare for residents during the construction phase.”

Clr Cooper added: “We are not NIMBYs and we want development in the Newsome ward. We have been actively seeking to encourage new homes at Newsome Mills, a brownfield site, where there is good access.

“This makes far more sense than Kirklees proposals to build on local green fields. They should drop these plans and respect the views of local people.”