A new padel coaching course is coming to Huddersfield at the end of October.

Game4Padel, the leading padel operator in the UK, has teamed up with PadelMBA, Spain’s leading coaching platform.

As padel fever takes hold across the country there is huge, unmet demand for trained coaches. But that’s about to change.

Game4Padel’s exclusive UK partnership with PadelMBA is helping them to train and mentor the first generation of UK coaches and to provide a career path for many.

PadelMBA has been operating for more than 10 years in Spain – coaching and managing the professional circuit (World Padel Tour) coaches, physical trainers and sports club managers.

In partnering with Game4Padel, they are now developing a Coaching Pathway that is in a class all of its own and has follow-up online content for fast progression.

Considered the gold standard in Spain, this four-day intensive training will give new coaches the confidence to teach padel at different levels plus a toolbox of drills and techniques to use to enhance their clients’ skills.

Game4Padel’s own coaches will all be trained, mentored and monitored through the PadelMBA CPC. Game4Padel’s first Certificate in Padel Coaching (CPC) took place in Edinburgh in May and was a huge success with excellent feedback from the trainees who took part.

Their next intensive CPC – in six weeks’ time – is October 25 to 28 at Huddersfield Lawn Tennis & Squash Club. Huddersfield LTSC has new padel courts and is a regional hub for the sport.

Three-hour padel clinics for local players will also be running at Huddersfield LTSC from October 26-30. Those interested in applying should email info@game4padel.com

What is padel?

  • A mixture of tennis, squash, and racketball, played indoors or outdoors in doubles format
  • The court is two thirds the size of a tennis court and enclosed with wire mesh
  • The glass walls at either ends are used to play off (like squash) which means you can have long rallies
  • Scoring is the same as in tennis but with underarm serving – easy!