Huddersfield-born Nadio Granata is a chef turned marketing, PR and publishing guru who now lives on a house boat on the Thames. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He charted his cancer journey through radiotherapy and recovery to help others with a warts and all blog.

Nadio’s blog this week reached 10,000 views and he’s published this moving and thought-provoking poem he wrote on the chemotherapy ward in June.

When I saw my friend Hope

I saw my friend Hope today.

She was stood in the shadows, far, far away.

Her hair was blowing in the gentle breeze, as she stayed under the shade, amongst the trees.

I saw her glance my way, her lips were calling, calling out my name.

Her eyes were kind and warm and saying things I’d never heard before

Her manicured hands were reaching out to me, willing me to come closer, to step carefully.

My heart was beating hard and my breath rasping with each and every step. The sweet smell of her perfume permeated the breeze … then she was gone, leaving me to question, what or who had I really seen.

I miss my friend Hope every day in every way. She brought love, laughter and prospect of a life ever after.

The beautiful image accompanying the poem is by SEAN DOYLE