A long-time supporter of The Kirkwood is holding his 16th annual golf day to raise funds for the hospice.

Martin Folan raises around £7,500 a year from a golf day in memory of his sister Bridie Foster and brother-in-law Kevin Foster.

Both Bridie and Kevin were cared for at The Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit at Dalton. Kevin died in 2004 aged just 42, and Martin’s sister, Bridie, passed away the following year aged 53.

The first annual golf day began with 20 friends and fellow golfers, who set off to Galway in Ireland where they raised a fantastic £2,600.

In 2007, the golf day became an official event. It has grown incredibly over the years and these days sees up to 140 golfers from across Kirklees taking part.

It’s a great day out for a good cause and this year’s event is at Bradley Park Golf Course in Huddersfield on June 17.

Bridie and Kevin Foster

Martin is once again looking forward to the event, which is now one of the biggest at the club. Last year, Martin dedicated one of the holes to a long-time friend, Stephen, who was cared for by The Kirkwood before his death. Stephen and another friend, Michael, who died in February, will also be remembered the same way this year.

On why raising funds for The Kirkwood is so important, Martin said: “I spent two nights at The Kirkwood when my sister was on the In-Patient Unit. The support was second to none and the care was tremendous.

“I can’t thank The Kirkwood enough for their amazing support for me and my family. The work they do is so, so important.

“Our communities need The Kirkwood because it isn’t just a place where you go and die. It is a set of people who care for us in different ways. Whether that’s nurses caring for people in their homes or providing people with therapy.

“More people need to know and understand what The Kirkwood does. I will never stop spreading the message.

“The thought of the care that The Kirkwood provided my sister and other people I know continues to drive me on.”