Linthwaite Tennis Club is at the heart of the village and was built and paid for by the local community. Almost a century on, the club wants to reach out and is looking for new members.

As the 1926 General Strike gripped Britain, the foundations of Linthwaite Tennis Club were dug by local people clearing space to build a tennis court and bowling green. 

Initially a grass court, this was upgraded in 1955. A scheme was devised to collect 6p a week from local people to buy some additional land from West Riding to build a second court. Some people also lent money to support the project. These courts were made of a porous bitumen. 

The club joined the Huddersfield and District Tennis League in 1962 and have played in it ever since. 

The 1970s saw the club raise money to tarmac the courts by doing a 24-hour tennis marathon which was a successful event. The courts were painted again in the 1990s and then a third court was added over the bowling green, which was no longer used, in 2012. The two original courts have had a resurface and been painted again just last year.

The club have raised funds over the years with a host of events. The next is a wine-tasting to raise money to paint the third court.

Linthwaite Tennis Club and its humble beginnings

The club is now looking to boost its membership, which has grown since the start of the pandemic.

Club spokesman Diane Loftus said: “Before the pandemic we had 20 members. That has now risen to 35 members as people looked at what was available in their local area during lockdown as they couldn’t travel. 

“We are a very proud club and love our village in Linthwaite but we want to encourage more people to use our courts. Tennis is a great sport – and good exercise – and so we are offering a health benefit too.”

Diane added: “It really is a facility the whole family can use and we just want to encourage people to come and use it more. It’s there for everyone. Why not come and play a bit of tennis and have a picnic whilst looking over Linthwaite?” 

To join the club as a member it’s £50 per year. To use the court it is £5 a go. 

If you’d like to find out more about the club search Linthwaite Methodist Tennis Club on Facebook.