Kirklees has more than 2,000 public rights of way and if you placed them end to end they would stretch from the centre of Huddersfield to the centre of London – and back. With some to spare!

Public rights of way (PROW) are footpaths, bridleways, and byways and now Kirklees Council is carrying out a public survey and wants to hear people’s views.

The survey is being conducted as part of the council’s statutory review of its Rights of Way Improvement Plan, which is intended to improve the use and design of the network. The council has already consulted with a range of user groups and partner organisations and would now like to hear from the wider public.

Residents and landowners are being asked to complete a five-minute online survey which seeks to find out more about usage of public rights of way.

The survey also asks how and why they use them and how often, and whether they meet the needs of the user. How the public rights of way could be improved for the benefit of all who use them is also a key question in the survey.

Clr Naheed Mather

Clr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for the environment, said: “It is really important that we hear from the silent majority in Kirklees as well as the usual engaged groups and people.

“We need to know how we can improve the PROW network for the benefit of the whole community. In particular, we need to know how and why people use them and if they do not, then how can we remove the barriers that prevent use.

“PROWS provide people with access to the countryside, to open spaces where they can take part in exercise, so they are a vital resource that works to keep people physically and mentally healthy.

“They also provide important corridor routes around the district making it easier for people to get around. These are just two reasons why we need to hear from the public about how they use them.”

Surveys can be completed online until August 21 at Have your say on Public Rights of Way | Kirklees Council

If you would like a paper version of the survey, please email or write to Public Rights of Way, Room EG11, Public Rights of Way, Kirklees Council, Flint Street Depot, Flint Street, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG.