Into the Spotlight, sponsored by Huddersfield-based Scriba PR, is a weekly business feature which highlights up-and-coming businesses in the area. Here we highlight OLIVIA DARCY, a luxury, sustainable womenswear brand designed and created in the textile capital.

Situated in a quaint, heritage office space in St George’s Square, Olivia Darcy is the co-creation of Olivia Hubert and Darcy Mayo – best friends and first-class fashion graduates from Leeds Beckett University and the University of Huddersfield, respectively.

After years of casual, light-hearted conversations and ‘what ifs’, the pair finally decided to take the plunge and pursue their dreams in July 2020, combining their intense passions with a desire to fill the void they felt was present for women in the fashion industry.

As part of their endeavour, Olivia and Darcy highlight the importance of the physical brand placement as a local space to pay homage to their West Yorkshire roots as well as its reputation as the textile capital.

Boasting nuance to the status quo, Olivia Darcy incorporates strong values of slow fashion in quality products and materials – including sourcing materials from the UK’s only GOTS silk supplier – ethical production, beautiful-but-different designs and clever sizing methods.

While certified garments evidently offer style and sophistication, they also promise timeless design and quality, as well as crucial empowerment for their customers.

Where mass market fast fashion titles are often inconsistent in their sizing – leading to issues with self-esteem and questions of ‘why can’t I just fit into this size?’ – Olivia Darcy utilises unconventional size charts numbered 1-3, multi-functional materials and detailing to fit a range of body types, and inspirational reminders – such as ‘She is Confident, she is classy; she is desirable; she is you’ – printed in every garment’s label.

Olivia Hubert and Darcy Mayo

Speaking on these decisions, Olivia Darcy co-founder, Olivia, said: “We figured we shouldn’t have to compromise ourselves to fit into clothes – they should be designed to fit us. One of our favourite quotes is ‘It’s not about the size you wear, but how you wear your size.’

“Ultimately, we want our customers to have the comfort in knowing that, while all bodies fluctuate, our garments will always be an iconic number to accompany them through their best moments in life, through any season, occasion, day or night, and look and feel as glamorous each time they wear it.”

The debut collection’s muted colour palette of ivory, champagne, sage, forest green and black further encourages the longevity of the garments, echoing the conscientious ethos of the brand that lie at the front of every decision-making process.

As the business is currently in its early stages, the team at Olivia Darcy is taking the time to reflect on the success of the launch and is grateful for the intensity of support received so far.

In terms of future plans, Olivia Darcy is open to any style of collection for unveilings, with the in-house manufacturing structure allowing flexibility to explore new avenues on a smaller scale.

Whilst the brand currently operates strictly as direct e-commerce, there are also hopes to introduce an in-house shopping experience, promoting further transparency for conscientious customers by providing a direct insight into where and how their clothes are made.

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Additionally, catch frequent updates and sneak peeks on the team’s Instagram and Facebook channels.