NADIO GRANATA, a former senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, is founder of the AI Collective and the Age of Human Think Tank. Here he urges all Huddersfield organisations to embrace Artificial Intelligence and adopt a forward-thinking approach in 2024.

1. Evaluating AI’s Local Impact: Huddersfield’s representative bodies should assess how AI can specifically benefit their communities. This includes understanding the potential of AI in various sectors prevalent in Huddersfield, such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

The focus should be on how AI can enhance operational efficiency, economic development, and quality of life while being mindful of the risks like job displacement and ethical dilemmas.

2. Leadership and Governance in AI Integration: Local leaders should be equipped to guide the community through the integration of AI. This involves understanding AI’s implications for local governance, public services, and community engagement.

Just as corporate boards balance opportunities and risks, Huddersfield’s leaders must navigate these waters, ensuring decisions are made in the best interest of all stakeholders. Doing nothing is simply no longer an option.

3. Building AI Literacy and Expertise: There’s a need for widespread AI literacy in Huddersfield, not just among leaders but also among its citizens.

Educational initiatives, workshops, and collaborations with universities and tech organisations can help in building a community well-versed in AI. This literacy is crucial for both harnessing AI’s benefits and mitigating its risks.

4. Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: Encourage a test-and-learn approach to AI within the community. This could involve supporting local start-ups and businesses in experimenting with AI, as well as pilot projects within public services.

Such a culture can help Huddersfield stay adaptive and responsive to the evolving AI landscape. Utilising it’s Media Centre, proposed Culture zone and the ever-growing university, the town already has the property stock to facilitate instant and rapid development enabling it to position the town as the ‘go-to’ destination for AI expertise.

5. Collaborative Approach and Ethical Oversight: Collaboration across different sectors and community groups is key. This ensures that AI development and implementation consider diverse perspectives and needs.

Additionally, establishing ethical guidelines and governance structures for AI use is crucial to avoid misuse and ensure responsible application of AI technologies.

As Huddersfield steps into 2024, the focus should be on harnessing AI to enhance community well-being, drive economic growth, and improve public services, all while ensuring responsible and ethical use of AI.

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