Organisers of Huddersfield Parkrun say they are disappointed over a decision to postpone the re-start of the Saturday morning runs.

Although Kirklees Council has given the go-ahead for the Greenhead Park adult runs to resume, not all local authorities and landowners have responded as quickly.

The company which runs the 5k events – parkrun UK – had wanted to re-start nationally on Saturday June 5 but because not enough events have approval the company has put back the resumption to June 26.

Parkrun UK said that with more than three million registered parkrunners across England, and around 300,000 people taking part on a typical weekend, “opening a small subset of parkruns is not viable.”

Nick Pearson, parkrun Global CEO, said: “We will continue to work hard with landowners over the coming weeks to secure the permissions needed to return at the end of June.

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“We are incredibly grateful to all of the landowners who have granted events permission to return so far, and for the groundswell of support for parkrun over recent days.

“Although it is disappointing not to be able to return on June 5, we are still optimistic that we can return parkrun events to nearly 600 communities across England very soon. We will do everything we can to ensure events restart on June 26.”

The three-week delay comes as many permission requests got caught up in unnecessary red tape and lengthy internal bureaucracy at a local level.

The 2k junior parkruns have already returned, adding to the frustrations for adult participants.

A spokesman for Huddersfield Parkrun said: “We’re just very upset to not be starting again but hopefully we will be back at the end of June.”

A decision on whether parkrun returns on June 26 will be made on June 11.