Huddersfield Parish Church is counting down to Christmas, starting with the Huddersfield Civic Carol Service on Sunday December 17 (6.30pm).

That is followed by Beer & Carols on Tuesday December 19 (6.30pm), a fun social event with carols – and beer!

Christmas, however, isn’t a happy time for everyone for many reasons and the church is hosting ‘Longest Night/Blue Christmas’ on Thursday December 21 (7.30pm).

This is for people who aren’t looking forward to Christmas and want their own quiet time and space away from what can seem like the relentless jolliness of the festive season.

There’s a morning service on Sunday December 24 at 10.30am followed by a Crib Service at 4pm (dress up and join in the fun as always) and Midnight Mass from 11.30pm.

Vicar of Huddersfield the Rev Canon Rachel Firth said: “We really want to communicate that what we do is for everyone.

“You don’t have to be a church member – there’s no such thing in the Church of England, we belong to everyone! – and no-one is even going to ask you if you believe.

“The Christian community are celebrating one of the greatest festivals of our faith, and we welcome anyone who wants to join that celebration.”