A Huddersfield magician, illusionist and escapologist renowned for his fun family shows is just starting his 11th consecutive summer season in Blackpool after touring around the UK in recent months.

Michael Jordan works under the stage name High Jinx and is starring at Blackpool Tower. The world famous venue is operated by Merlin Entertainments who describe High Jinx as “a world class contemporary variety show.”

One of the 32-year-old’s trademark tricks is plunging swords into a glass cage while his assistant is in there in a death-defying illusion called Excalibur.

Michael, of Scapegoat Hill, said: “There are two kinds of magicians – those who want to fool the audience and those who want to entertain. I’m certainly one that’s keen to entertain. It’s not all about the trick or illusion in itself, more how it’s presented that really counts and that’s what makes people love these kinds of shows.

“There’s definitely still a hunger for live magic because it’s always a journey into the unknown. You just don’t know what the magician will do or how they do it and that’s what makes it so entertaining. It gives a sense of shock, awe, surprise and a few laughs, especially with lots of audience participation.

“Magic is also a great introduction to the world of theatre and live entertainment, never more so than at the seaside in summer.”

Michael has dyslexia which he says gave him an edge when learning circus tricks. At school he used a wobble board – balancing on a board on a large semi-circular ball – which is supposed to help dyslexia by strengthening muscles, posture and co-ordination to enhance eye muscle co-ordination and make reading easier.

Michael realised he was a natural at this fine art of balancing and that ultimately led into self-teaching himself circus tricks such as juggling and unicycling.

He has been on TV several times and even taught legendary American magicians Penn and Teller how to spin plates.

The 90-minute fast-paced Blackpool show moves from magic to illusions to circus skills including juggling, unicycling, stilt-walking and fire-eating. One of those is called Get Your Phone Back and it’s a brave person indeed who hands their mobile over to Michael.

Michael’s connection with summer seasons in Blackpool goes back to 2012 when he received two offers at the same time … doing magic on a Disney cruise or a summer season at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.

He chose Blackpool and the venue was the landmark Horseshoe Bar at the front of the Pleasure Beach where Michael had seen the famous Mystique magic show when he was a child.

He said: “To go back there to do my own show was something I just couldn’t turn down. The Mystique show meant the Horseshoe Bar had become an iconic venue in magic circles.”

Michael did three summer seasons there and then switched to the Viva cabaret venue next to Blackpool Tower where he did a further six summers.

In 2020 Merlin Entertainments which operates the entertainment at Blackpool Tower asked him to stage his show in the tower itself alongside Blackpool Tower Circus for the days when the world-famous circus wasn’t performing. He’s doing the same this year.

High Jinx will be at Blackpool Tower for matinees starting at 2.30pm on July 28; August 4, 11, and 18. All these dates are Fridays.

He’ll be back at Blackpool Tower on Friday, October 20 and again on Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25. Again, all the shows at 2.30pm matinees. CLICK HERE to book tickets for one of the shows.

Written by ANDY HIRST who runs his own Yorkshire freelance journalism agency AH! PR (https://ah-pr.com/) specialising in press releases, blogging, website content and copywriting.