Huddersfield Comic-Con is holding an extra Spring show as its popularity grows.

The annual event, which celebrates comic book culture, sci-fi and other geeky stuff, is generally held in the Summer but this year an extra show is planned on Saturday March 16.

Organiser Martin Ballard said he needed to satisfy a “growing geeky audience” and added: “Knowing our town well, I’ve always known one show isn’t enough to cater for what everyone wants to do.

“So this year we’re bringing in a Spring show as a springboard to launch our other events across the UK and firmly put Huddersfield on the convention map.”

The Spring show is being held at The Valveworks, a huge former mill in Milford Street in Huddersfield town centre, allowing the Comic-Con to be held all on one level. Previously the event has been held at the John Smith’s Stadium.

Martin said: “We’re able to bring in vehicles as well as lots of displays and characters all under one roof without the logistics of trying to get people all around several floors.

“The most common feedback we received is that the stadium struggles to cope with the volume of people needing the single lift to move across so many levels, so we’ve listened and sourced a place all on one floor.”

So far there are Harry Potter and Game of Thrones displays announced along with the UK’s largest display of Hero & Villain weapons with the promise of lots more including Stranger Things and Transformers to name but a couple of sci-fi themes.

Martin promises more as he works on putting on his favourite hometown show.

Huddersfield Comic-Con is now in its seventh year and has a massive and growing following in the town.

Martin added: “It’s great to see more and more events and shops that cater for the geeky customer as it’s not just a TV programme or movie, it’s often a way of life for fans and to many it’s a release where they can feel comfortable and express themselves in public where they might regularly struggle. It’s about being as inclusive as we possibly can be as organisers.”

Tickets are at a reduced price and have discounted rates for students and under-16s with under fours free of charge.

Tickets are available at