Huddersfield-based Software as a Service (SaaS) expert, Adventoris, has been named as a Yorkshire Tech Climber 2023 as well as being shortlisted for the SaaS Awards, an international software programme recognising the brightest and best in the sector.

Tech Climbers is a regional list published with BusinessCloud and TechBlast that showcases the top-performing, IP-rich, product-led technology businesses.

The SaaS Awards, the largest and most prominent awards programme of its kind, recognises innovative solutions providers from across the world.

Adventoris is the creator of SwiftCloud, a leading mobile sales app platform for distributors and wholesalers that provides businesses with a platform that enables their customers to see products, communicate with the company and place orders 24/7.

Adventoris works with a long list of recognised clients, including the likes of Pukka, Pepsi Co, A. G. BARR and STAEDTLER, all attracted by the uplift in sales SwiftCloud can help facilitate.

The software can save customers over 50% in ordering time, while clients have also experienced customer sales increasing by 100% by utilising SwiftCloud technology.

Founder and CEO of Adventoris, James Clarkson, said: “We are delighted to be named a Yorkshire Tech Climber and to be shortlisted for the SaaS Awards, highlighting a very successful year for our fantastic team.

“I am incredibly proud of the work our team produce, and their commitment and dedication to delivering stellar work for our clients.

“These recognitions truly are a testament to the whole team’s ongoing resolve and dedication to growing the SwiftCloud platform, supporting businesses to operate to their full potential and unlock more value and increased growth opportunities.”

SwiftCloud also offers a tablet app for sales managers to process orders face-to-face, a desktop ordering portal allowing customers to order across multiple devices, a telesales portal and a van sales module.

 To find out more about SwiftCloud HERE.