The partner of former Huddersfield Town player Jordan Sinnott is battling to change the law in support of other bereaved mums and babies.

Kelly Bossons, 29, discovered she was pregnant just days after Jordan’s funeral.

Jordan, who played for Town’s youth team, was just 25 when he died in hospital after a brutal assault in Retford, Nottinghamshire, in January 2020.

The couple’s daughter, Maisie Jordan Sinnott, is now two years old.

But, because Kelly and Jordan weren’t married, his name wasn’t allowed to be put on the birth certificate. When Kelly received Maisie’s birth certificate, the space for ‘father’ was left blank.

Kelly said: “Jordan wanted nothing more out of his life than to have kids and it’s been taken away from him. It’s just so unfair.”

If they had been married, Jordan’s name would have been on the certificate automatically. Unmarried parents aren’t allowed the same rights.

Despite sharing a mortgage and having the support of his family, grieving new mum Kelly was told she would have to go to court.

This is despite the fact that over half of babies in the UK are now born to unmarried parents.

Kelly with the birth certificate and Huddersfield Town’s Danny Ward (left) and Duane Holmes with Maisie

Kelly told her story on The One Show on BBC1 on Tuesday night (February 7) where she met with campaigning mums Orlanda Bryars and Joana Niemeyer who also lost their partners while pregnant. They weren’t married either.

Orlanda, ambassador for charity Widowed and Young (WAY), said: “WAY has been campaigning so that registrars could have power to make a judgment themselves rather than having to go through a court system which is costly and unnecessary – and traumatic.”

But the law has yet to change. Kelly had to fight in court. Jordan’s mum, Mel Tait, provided a DNA sample to prove that Jordan was Maisie’s dad. Kelly had, of course, known this all along.

Finally, Kelly has received a birth certificate with Jordan’s name included.

After her two-year battle, Kelly said: “We shouldn’t have had to fight to get this. We were entitled to this in the first place.”

Filming for The One Show

The film for The One Show was made by Leeds-based Screenhouse Productions Ltd. Producer Ruth Bader said: “Kelly’s story is heart-breaking.

“We hope this film will help to raise awareness of the issue, and that the law will eventually change so that people in Kelly’s position don’t have to go through a painful court battle to get justice for their children.”

Now, Kelly and Jordan’s family want something positive to come out of the tragic situation and set up The Jordan Sinnott Foundation in November 2021.

Huddersfield Town striker Danny Ward, Jordan’s best friend, is a trustee of the charity and teammate Duane Holmes is an ambassador.

Midfielder Jordan also played for Bury, Altrincham, Halifax Town, Chesterfield and Alfreton Town and was on loan at Matlock Town when he died.