It’s sale time with a difference at a sustainable clothing shop in Slaithwaite – and it’s all about promoting kindness and helping others.

Designer Simon Kenworthy has launched The Good Will Club at his Otso shop in Kiln Hill.

Instead of a summer sale, Simon’s offering a discretionary discount of between 10% and 100% to customers who demonstrate an act of kindness.

There are three ways to take part:

  • Bring Simon a craft beer, pastry or cake to try;
  • Pick up litter that’s not yours – and bin it;
  • Tell him about your latest random act of kindness.

If Simon is impressed he’ll offer a discount on his £40 designer T-shirts and if he’s completely blown away he might even give you the T-shirt for free!

Simon, 42, said: “Most brands will have a summer sale or offer discount codes but I wanted to do something a bit different and help other local businesses and the community at the same time.

“The first one might seem a bit selfish but it’s about encouraging people to support other local businesses that we have in and around Slaithwaite such as micro breweries, bakers and artisans.

“When it comes to litter there’s so much of it about and every time I take the dog for a walk I pick up other people’s litter so I am trying to promote that as a healthy thing to do. Take a photo or just tell me about it and I’ll offer a discount as a reward.

“Then there’s the random act of kindness and that could be absolutely anything, large or small.

“The size of the discount depends on how I feel at the time. The more quirky the offering, the bigger the discount. If I’m really impressed the T-shirt might come for free.”



Simon has tried something similar before but has now branded it The Good Will Club and has leafleted around Slaithwaite.

“The Good Will Club is more than just discounts, it’s about fostering a sense of community and making a positive impact together,” he said.

“Whether you’re sharing a delicious treat, cleaning up your neighbourhood or spreading kindness in unexpected ways, every action counts.

“I want to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond our shop walls.”

Otso is a brand inspired by nature and the designs reflect that. Garments are made in India to FairWear ethical standards and screen-printed by hand in Slaithwaite.

Simon, a graphic designer, sells his own designs but also collaborates with other local artists.

He’s currently selling designs by Lisa Stubbs and Oliver Lancaster, both from Slaithwaite, and Pontefract-based Oli Valenghi, of Godspeed Customs.

Simon shares his shop premises with Zero Yorkshire, a minimal waste shop, run by Jake Walker. Zero is downstairs and Otso is upstairs.

Jake, who started out in 2018 with a £500 loan from family and an old Nissan Micra, successfully crowdfunded the move to 6 Kiln Hill last year.

Otso Clothing is open 9.30am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday.


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