A school with a “culture of excellence” is celebrating a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted.

Honley High School has had its first inspection since the Covid-19 pandemic and remains a ‘Good’ school.

A two-day inspection was carried out in December 2023 and a report has been published this week.

The report praises staff and the leadership at the school and says students are well-behaved in the classroom and enjoy and thrive in the learning environment.

The report says: “Leaders ensure that all pupils can flourish at Honley High School. They provide pupils with a high-quality education in a learning environment where pupils’ achievements are regularly recognised and praised.

“Pupils are taught effectively and they work hard in lessons. As a result, they achieve well.

“Leaders have high expectations of pupils. They have built a culture where pupils demonstrate a positive attitude to school and behave extremely well. Pupils are friendly, courteous and welcoming to visitors.”

The report highlights how staff help students who may struggle to read, offering extra support. Older pupils take on the role of reading leaders to help those who are struggling.

The report also suggests how the school can improve and says: “In some subjects, elements of the curriculum are under development following a period of review.

“This means that the knowledge pupils should acquire in these areas is not fully identified and embedded into the curriculum.

“The school should further enhance the curriculum, and its implementation in the classroom, to enable pupils to develop and demonstrate deep understanding across all subjects.”

Liz Lord, interim head of school, was delighted with the report and said: “We know our school is amazing, and we are incredibly appreciative of our whole school students, parents, carers, governing body and trustees, the Together Learning Trust and the dedication and expertise of our staff.

“I’m so proud that the report celebrates that we have built a culture of excellence where our students demonstrate positive attitudes, develop strong and warm relationships and behave extremely well. This is at the heart of everything we do at Honley High School.”

Ms Lord said the school’s leadership would continue to be passionate about “striving for the highest” for all students.