A young mum hailed as an inspiration and a role model has become the 50th Mayor of Kirklees.

Mum-of-two Clr Nosheen Dad, 34, has become the youngest-ever mayor, the first female Asian mayor and the first woman of colour to become the district’s first citizen.

Clr Dad, who studied politics at the University of Huddersfield and became the first female Muslim president of the Students’ Union, was elected at a mayor-making ceremony at Huddersfield Town Hall.

With her parents, family and friends watching on, Clr Dad was nominated by family friend and long-serving councillor Masood Ahmed and seconded by Habiban Zaman.

Clr Zaman said Clr Dad would be a role model for all women who wanted to juggle a family life, education and a career.

She added: “Nosheen is a powerful Muslim woman who has shaped the course of history with her strength, passion and leadership qualities.

“The first Asian woman to serve in this role serves as an inspiration to other women. Her achievement is groundbreaking and represents significant progress towards diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles.

“Nosheen stands as an inspiration to women of all ages. She is an inspiring, fearless role model who ensures all voices are heard.

“I truly feel proud of what you have achieved, Nosheen. As a Pakistani Muslim woman in Kirklees breaking down barriers and challenging societal norms, Nosheen’s journey is an inspiration to us all.

“She has shattered the glass ceiling and shown no barrier in insurmountable. She stands as a beacon of hope and a strong advocate for the local community. We look forward to the incredible work you will do as the first citizen of Kirklees.”

Clr Dad, a Labour councillor for Dewsbury South, said she was “truly honoured and humbled” to accept the role. She thanked her parents for “instilling in me a strong sense of social justice, equality and bravery in what are challenging times.”

She added: “Without their unswerving support and encouragement I would not be the woman I am today – so thank you, mum, thank you, dad.

“When my father arrived here in the late 1960s as a migrant worker, someone who couldn’t speak the language, read or write, I don’t think he ever imagined being sat here today at the age of 94 witnessing his youngest of five becoming the first citizen of this borough.

“Today, dad, is as much about you as it is me. It’s your resilience, commitment and dedication to a foreign land that you dared to call home and raise your family in.”

Clr Dad, who has two daughters aged four and eight months who she described as her “greatest achievement”, said: “I hope that my term in office is one of inspiration to show that you can have a career or continue to learn while having a family.

“As a girl mum I believe more must be done to stamp out gender stereotyping in our society. It’s our responsibility to pave the way for the next generation of young women and girls.

“Women are the architects of strong nations and hold the keys to a brighter future.”

Clr Dad’s charity for the year will be the Huddersfield-based Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, which has a personal connection.

“What struck me most about the work of the hospice is the work they do with rainbow mums,” she said. “For those not familiar with the term ‘rainbow babies’ it’s used to describe a baby born after miscarriage, still-birth or the loss of a child.

“As someone who has two rainbow babies of her own and has sadly had to witnesses close family and friends go through the loss of a child in recent years I felt an automatic connection to the hospice and the work they do in supporting families and children.”

Clr Dad, whose husband Shiraz becomes her consort, takes over as mayor from Lindley Liberal Democrat councillor Cahal Burke.

Birstall and Birkenshaw Conservative councillor Liz Smaje was elected as Deputy Mayor of Kirklees.