Medics and volunteers who make up the team at Honley Vaccination Centre have made a video to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the NHS.

The National Health Service endured a year unlike any other in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under pressure like never before NHS staff proved professional, caring and resilient and led the way out of the pandemic with one of the fastest and most efficient mass vaccination programmes anywhere in the world.

In Kirklees, the team at Honley Vaccination Centre have proved a beacon of hope and they didn’t just look after Honley, they’ve been out across Kirklees setting up centres in Slaithwaite and Clayton West and taking pop-up clinics into factories and workplaces in Dewsbury, Batley and Birstall.

A vaccination drop-in for all over-18s in St George’s Square last month saw thousands of people receive their first or second jabs.

The Honley team, led by Sylvia Sellen and Asghar Khan, managing director at Medicare Chemists, have proved to be real life heroes in the face of the biggest peacetime crisis in generations.

Now the team have made an emotional video charting their journey and celebrating all that’s great about the NHS

A scene from the video by Sam Teale Productions

On the video Sylvia tells how she didn’t just want to vaccinate as many people as possible she wanted to build a reputation for Honley as a “kind and caring” centre where people were treated as individuals.

Asghar, who lost his younger brother to Covid, talks about his motivation to do better and also his excitement when the vaccine first arrived, describing it as precious as a “new baby.”

Others on the video tell of their own experiences. One describes the “fabulous team of people” who will be friends for life.

Another woman, welling up with emotion, tells how an 89-year-old woman came for her first jab and told her how she was the first person who had physically touched her in a year.

“Imagine that,” said the volunteer. “Not being touched by another human being for a year.”

The video, created by 18-year-old Sam Teale, of Sam Teale Productions, was commissioned by Medicare Chemists and Kirklees Council.