Dedicated runners braved the heat to celebrate the 500th Huddersfield parkrun.

Every Saturday around 500 people walk, jog or run the 5k course at Greenhead Park.

The first ever parkrun at Huddersfield was April 2 2011 where Matthew Pierson was the first male finisher and Annabelle Mason the first female.

There were 118 parkrunners that day and seven volunteers. Huddersfield was the 64th parkrun event to start. There are now 1,146 parkruns in the UK and over 2,000 globally.

Gallery of images by parkrun veteran and Huddersfield Hub photographer SEAN DOYLE

Here’s some interesting stats about Huddersfield parkrun:

Average number of finishers – 484

20,404 different people have finished parkrun

2,155 different volunteers have given their time

The average finish time is 29:05

Female record – Jennifer Walsh 16:40 15/9/2012

Male record – Mark Buckingham 14:49 3/10/2015

There’s been 241,791 finishers

There’s been 37,269 Personal Best times recorded

There’s been a Junior parkrun event every Sunday morning at 9am in Greenhead Park since 2014.

New parkrun members are always welcome. To register go to