Families with children on free school meals are set to receive a one-off £50 per child cost-of-living payment from Kirklees Council.

The Government is to make £500 million available to local authorities once again this year and Kirklees Council’s share could be around £3.7 million, as it was last year.

The council is drawing up a package of support for people most in need of help in the face of rising prices and spiralling energy costs.

In proposals to be approved by Cabinet on Tuesday, the council is planning a one-off £50 per child cost-of-living payment to families who receive free school meals.

This will be paid as a voucher before Christmas 2022 and will cost an estimated £925,000.

All households in need will be able to seek financial support from the Local Welfare Provision and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The council will work with other organisations to reach out to families and individuals in need.

The funding will help support vulnerable people with payments and grants such as vouchers to help meet daily needs such as food, clothing and utilities. Residents who are facing financial hardship can apply for this funding through the council’s Local Welfare Provision Team.

The third part of the package – costing around £125,000 – will be the setting up of five more ‘food hubs’ where people can become members of an affordable food service.

The Bread and Butter Thing already has four hubs in Kirklees – Dalton and Deighton in Huddersfield, Chickenley in Dewsbury and Howden Clough in Birstall – with a fifth in Dewsbury Moor to follow shortly. The new funding will enable five more hubs to open across the district.

If approved by Cabinet, the five additional hubs will be funded for one year after which each hub will become self-sustaining.

Members of The Bread and Butter Thing can get shopping bags filled with approximately £35-worth of quality nutritious food for just £7.50. Each week members access three bags of produce including fresh fruit and veg, chilled goods and cupboard staples such as pasta and cereal.

Clr Paul Davies, Cabinet member for corporate services, said: “The Bread and Butter Thing is a unique service and I’m extremely pleased that we are looking to grow the offer in Kirklees.

“Not only does it provide affordable, nutritious food, it also offers customers wrap around support to help them with money, health and debt advice.

“These hubs are in the heart of our communities and there is a sense of pride from the customers, the volunteers and all the staff who make this service so special.”

If you are worried about rising household costs, help is available. For advice or support with energy bills, food bills and making sure you’re claiming all you’re entitled to visit: www.kirklees.gov.uk/cost-of-living