Eight lads from Golcar ran the Liverpool half marathon at the end of last month and completed the race to raise over £5,000 for two charities close to their hearts.

Former Golcar United player Ben Burnett and Eddie Wilson, grandson of legendary Huddersfield Town left-back and former World Cup winner Ray Wilson, took to the streets of Liverpool alongside six other friends. 

The others in the group – who call themselves the Golcar Gliders – were: Lee Davies, Curtis Israel, Jack Peacock, Jonathan Lendon, Jamie Arundel and Lou Brook. Some of the group are experienced runners while others are very much novices and were doing it for the challenge.

All eight completed the race and raised a terrific amount of money to share between the Alzheimer’s Society and The Jordan Sinnott Foundation.

On the challenge, Lee Davies said: “We all completed the race which was brilliant and in times that we were all happy with. It was difficult but we got through it and the most important thing is that we smashed our very realistic target in terms of funds raised. 

“The two charities are very close to our hearts and so to raise this amount for them is something we are all very proud of. We all found the race challenging to varying degrees but afterwards we came together as a group knowing we’d done a good job. 

“I know it took me a bit of time to recover but we stayed over for the night in Liverpool and had some beers and that was something we all enjoyed. 

“Lastly, thanks to all those people who donated to our JustGiving page. It’s been a truly great effort and in these tough times one we appreciate.”