Dalton Dynamoes in conjunction with The Football Mental Health Alliance (FMHA) has completed Mental Health First Aid Training.

Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) is a programme that helps to educate people on how to identify and assist someone who is suffering from a mental health or drug use condition.

The training is intended to assist people in recognising early warning signs of mental health conditions, providing initial assistance and support to someone in difficulty and helping to connect them to external professional support.

Keith Ross, club secretary at Dalton Dynamoes, said: “By having a mental health first aider at our club, all our stakeholders now know that there is at least one individual whom they can approach to discuss any aspect of mental health allowing more people to spot potential signs of mental health conditions.

“Furthermore, this training can help to promote the importance of mental health and reduce the stigma around seeking help for mental health conditions.

“We hope that this encourages people to speak up and seek help if they or anyone they know, are experiencing mental health challenges.

“This can lead to better overall mental health and well-being within our club, helping to create a more supportive and inclusive culture.”

The skills acquired through MHFA training are valuable and transferable, promoting well-being and mental health support in various aspects of life.

Elizabeth Harrison at Reward Finance Group, corporate partner of FMHA, said: “I recently attended the Mental Health First Aid training and the session had a great Action Plan to equip individuals with the skills to identify signs of mental health or substance use issues. It highlighted the importance of non-judgmental listening and creating a safe space for communication.

“Tailored to the football community this is valuable training for all those it is available to, whether they are managers, coaches, players or family and friends supporting from the sidelines.”

Danny Matharu

Danny Matharu, founder at The Football Mental Health Alliance, said: “The importance of Mental Health First Aid training cannot be overstated.

“The benefits are numerous, from helping with early intervention, enhanced safety and welfare, reduction of stigma, enhanced player performance and improved communication.

“This training is not just to support players, it’s there for everyone involved in a football club, coaches, volunteers, family members and spectators.

“We are campaigning for all football clubs in England, both professional and grassroots to have at least one Mental Health First Aider and are proud to be working with Dalton Dynamoes to build mental health across the whole spectrum of the grassroots game.”

For more information on The Football Mental Health Alliance visit https://vault.thefmha.com/ where ‘grassrooters’ can sign up for free football themed mental health support tools.