Hand to Mouth, a Huddersfield-based Christian charity, is inviting more local schools to benefit from their enriching programmes.

For the past 24 years, Hand to Mouth has been enriching the spiritual and religious education of children in more than 70 schools across the region.

The charity, based at Huddersfield Mission in Lord Street, emphasises the positive impact and value of their work within schools, contributing to students’ wellbeing and personal growth.

Hand to Mouth’s curriculum-based Religious Education (RE) lessons incorporate engaging methods such as storytelling, puppetry and art projects.

Their hallmark programme ‘An Amazing Journey’ provides a unique opportunity for students to reflect on their beliefs and spirituality through creative exploration.

In addition to in-school programmes, Hand to Mouth partners with local churches, facilitating connections between schools and religious communities. These partnerships enhance the educational experience and encourage a sense of community and shared values.

Charity manager Elizabeth Smith said: “Schools that welcome us recognise the significant impact we have on their students’ wellbeing and self-belief.

“Our experienced staff, many of whom have teaching or teaching assistant qualifications, bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the classroom, making religious education accessible and engaging for children aged three to 11.

“We want more schools to understand and experience the value we bring.”

Endorsements from head teachers and church leaders across Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield underscore the charity’s role in supporting RE lessons aligned with the curriculum and enhancing collective worship through 16 different themes.

One school said: “It’s such a valuable resource in engaging children in RE and exploring ‘big’ questions in engaging and thought-provoking ways.”

Feedback from another school said: “As someone of a non-faith background, it was a nice experience to have some time to think and reflect about things I never would have done without this experience.”

Hand to Mouth relies on grants, fundraising efforts and the support of the local community to continue its mission of providing high-quality religious education and spiritual reflection opportunities for all students.

The charity encourages local people to get involved by volunteering in schools or supporting/partnering with them in other ways.

Elizabeth said: “Hand to Mouth is committed to supporting schools in delivering outstanding RE lessons and promoting positive mental wellbeing and inclusive values.”

For more information please visit https://www.handtomouth.org.uk/, email office@handtomouth.org.uk or call 01484 315600 or 07586 346799.