A brewery has created a special beer to support a local’s charity fundraiser.

Lisa Wood set herself a fundraising challenge to raise £1,000 for Zarach, a charity which provides beds for children whose families can’t afford them.

Lisa has completed the Calderdale Hike and plans to take part in the Heights Ultra Trail around the Colne and Holme valleys on September 3.

But, in a bid to boost her fundraising, she approached her local pub, The Riverhead Brewery Tap in Marsden, and asked if owners Ossett Brewery would brew her a charity beer to sell.

Lisa was delighted when the brewery agreed to help and the beer, named Dream of Sheep, isn’t just on sale at the Riverhead, it’s available across all Ossett Brewery pubs.

Lisa said: “To be honest I just thought if Richard – the brewer at The Riverhead – would brew me a beer to sell in The Riverhead then that would raise a little bit extra and hopefully raise some awareness.

“But when Ossett Brewery offered to roll it out across their other pubs I didn’t know what to say. ‘Thank you’ didn’t quite seem enough as I just wasn’t expecting it. It’s so great to see a local business stepping up to support a local charity.”

Lisa was involved in the whole brewing process and even got to name the beer. She chose Dream of Sheep – also the name of a Kate Bush song – because of its relevance to beds and sleep. And, of course, the sheep in Marsden that get absolutely everywhere!

“I chose Dream of Sheep as I wanted something relating to sleep and dreams to link back to the charity. But it’s also a nice nod to Kate Bush, which never seems like a bad thing!”

Lisa was the first female home in the Calderdale Hike and is now training hard for the Heights Ultra.

She’s held a pub quiz at The Riverhead and on Friday August 19 (7pm-10pm) she’s holding a Taskmaster-style charity event at Zapato Brewery in West Slaithwaite Road, Marsden.

Again, Lisa has been moved by the kindness and support of local businesses with Zapato offering her the space on a Friday night and agreeing to offer all participants a free beer, at no cost to Lisa.

“I really want to offer things that are fun instead of simply asking for sponsorship, so I really hope everyone who comes enjoys it,” she said.

Tickets for the event at Zapato can be booked at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/taskmaster-for-charity-at-zapato-taproom-tickets-368916217337

Zarach helps families in bed poverty in Dewsbury, Leeds and Calderdale. To find out more about the charity go to https://zarach.org/ So far Lisa has raised £784.