By Leah Dorotiak (Лія Доротяк), Social Media Manager at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

Despite a 4-0 defeat to England on Saturday, Huddersfield’s Ukrainian community are still looking forward to the home nation’s Euros semi-final against Denmark.

We had high hopes ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final clash with England. Preparations were underway all week, with the grounds at the Ukrainian Club in Edgerton awash with flags and balloons – and even people – decked out in the national colours of blue and yellow.

After Harry Kane’s goal just four minutes in, we knew we were in for a tense match. The atmosphere was electric as the community cheered for their chosen side – or even both!

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The sole Ukrainian supporters, however, found it hard to watch. In the second half, the floodgates opened and England ran riot.

However, the Ukrainian team still made history by getting through to the quarter finals, and this achievement was also acknowledged by the media in Ukraine, who gave the team a hero’s welcome.

Back in Huddersfield and despite Ukraine’s loss, there were still celebrations after England’s win as much of the younger generation have divided loyalties. Many decided to support both countries!

Now all the community is united in wishing England the very best of luck for their next match and hope they ‘bring it home’!

And here’s a final word from our chairman, John Kybaluk, who said: “The match was absolutely brilliant to watch, and we can only congratulate England on their well-deserved result.

“The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing, as it brought our community together to celebrate our national spirit. Good luck to England in the semi-finals!”