Former Huddersfield gymnast and pub landlord Brian Hayhurst and his wife Elaine are ex-pats who have lived just outside Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for 20 years. He writes every week for Huddersfield Hub.

We arrived in Huddersfield to face a 10-day lockdown, imposed before we left Spain.

It was reviewed on August 4 but we still had to continue to quarantine. After just two Test & Trace calls and with no tests delivered we decided to go out and see the old town.

Following much correspondence we were returned the £172 for the two tests.

After a busy few weeks of visits to family and friends we returned via a rather quiet Manchester Airport and sailed through the various check points.

And the arrival at Malaga Airport was similar, even the dreaded health check section where the notorious SpTH health control form with QR code had to be shown.

This downloaded form has to be filled in meticulously and correctly – otherwise you may not get into Spain.

Back here in Spain, a well-respected and trusted people carrier said: “I have never seen the Costa del Sol so busy in all the years of living here.

“We have been invaded by people from the northern regions and Madrid, along with the millions who took the plunge and find their favourite sun spots.”

But a lot will return home soon to face massive floods in the North of Spain. 

This influx of tourists we quickly observed, with many taking advantage of the new regulations allowing bars and restaurants more flexibility.

Tourists are out in force

Rules were relaxed by PM Sanchez this week as the number of vaccinated people surpasses the UK at 75% for a first jab and the number of infections continues to drop here in Andalucía. Nightlife venues can now stay open until 3am.

Employment in the tourism sector, as expected, has seen a big growth with strong figures in most parts of Spain.

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Alas the DGT (Traffic Regulators) have imposed several MORE new laws for motorists “to reduce damage to the environment.” These include:

  •  Using a radar detection device – 600 euro fine and 6 points. Having one in the car, even not using – 500 + 3 points.
  • Parking or stopping for over two minutes, you must switch off the engine. How this is to be imposed is up for discussion. As with those stuck in traffic jams!
  • Driver holding a mobile phone – 200 + 2 points
  • Now,  AT LAST, e-scooter riders must wear helmets and not ride on pavements. I feel they should also have insurance and some form of noise warning as they zoom up and down the sea front, sometimes whilst chatting on mobiles and carrying a passenger!
  • Use of GPS and headphones whilst driving – 200 + 3 points.

As the growth in the building of new homes continues at pace, we often ask, just how will the infrastructures and lack of schools actually manage as the population begins to rise?

You have to be up real early in the morning at the moment to find a suitable parking spot in many resorts. But the fun in the sun continues to be enjoyed by all who have decided to choose Spain for a well-earned break.