Teenage boxer Adam Morris from Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club in Milnsbridge was crowned the youth national champion in Solihull last weekend. 

The 17-year-old fought against three-time national champion Ryan Murray from London in the semi-final on the Friday and then beat Yusuf Uddin from the Fearless Boxing Club in Birmingham in the final last weekend. 

Adam is the very first boxing champion to come from the Rawthorpe boxing club in its over two decades’ history. Club owner and organiser Mark Reynolds is very proud of the young star. 

He said: “Adam is a terrific boxer and a super young man. He’s a brilliant lad who just wants to succeed in the sport he loves. He studies every boxer to the final degree. He watches every fight he can, he trains all the time. We support him at the club, alongside his parents, as he works on his shape, style and skill. 

“Adam’s attitude is second to none and we are all so proud of him. He doesn’t get big headed, he just wants to do his best. He fought so well in both rounds and to beat the lads he did was a fantastic achievement.” 

Adam will now train with the England squad ahead of the European Championships in April. He hopes to be selected to go to Armenia to compete for his country.

Adam Morris and the Rawthorpe team

Mark added: “Hopefully Adam gets selected for the European Championships. What an experience that would be for him.

“All the top boxers in the world have won these championships. He’s currently at 46kg in weight which is the lightest for his age group but he needs to get up to 48kg to compete in the championships in April. 

“He works very closely with our coach Terry Gammans who will definitely help Adam get to that weight. For a lad his age the dedication and drive he has is so impressive and the ability to stick to his diet is testament to him too.” 

When Adam is not training he works for Mark at the gym running sessions for smaller children who come to the club. 

Mark added: “Adam never stops, he’s always around the gym working hard. He takes our mini-Rocky sessions and honestly the kids look up to him so much. He is a great role model to them teaching them if you work hard you can get where he has got to so far. 

“I have no doubt Adam will turn professional one day and make the most of his career. If he does get selected for the European Championships in April that is a great step in the right direction.”